First Post – Exams are over!

Hi there! I am a second year Biomedical Science student in the UK (sort of like pre-med for americans 😛 )

Now exams are over I can start my goal for this year – to start a blog we will see how long this lasts lol.

I finally got home home from University last night which was a bit of nightmare, I swear each summer gets hotter than the one before?! Apart from being partially roasted on the journey I noticed how unfit I am – you know that feeling after exams since you’ve been snacking on multiple questionable items high in sugar, carbs and caffeine and more caffeine and not working out for MONTHS (the manager at the gym I go to called me to see if I was okay since I did not go AT ALL)

Lets just say I have been pretty bad at working out and eating well recently!

At home it was my dad’s birthday, my dad wanted a simple quiet birthday so I cooked some steak (with a pinterest steak recipe) and roast potatoes with saulteed Broccoli   for everyone it was delicious.


I couldn’t say no to steak and cake so my healthy diet has gone out of the window! 😛



At least there was some fruit on the cake – My parents are too cute 🙂

Currently I am catching up on Love Island which I am obsessed with! Is it just me? Does anyone else love Love Island?

Its so weird not having an exam to prepare for and constant anatomy or immunology to learn but I have GAMSAT coming up soon so this will not last for long… 😉


I hope this was an okay first post!

How do you guys feel after exams?

What do you do to treat yourself  after exams? 🙂